Teri and Joe set out to give a makeover to her shoe workshop, turning it into a functioning YouTube design studio. In this first episode, Joe pays Teri a surprise visit.

Video Joe offered to help give the workshop a makeover while creating a new shift for Video Joe. Video Joe is helping people make money by creating a business on You Tube. He has had much success with his YouTube channel, Video Joe Knows.

Teri is about to get a shop makeover with the help of Joe. Teri’s vlog is called the Secret Life of Shoes.

The Secret Life of Shoes is a series of videos about Teri and her journey in the world of shoes. Teri will offer “Do-It-Yourself” segments about how to repair and make shoes, as well as delve into the history of the shoe industry.

In order to speed the process of success, I have asked the already successful Video Joe Knows to help me. In this episode, Joe has arrived on Maui to pay me a surprise visit.