Manolo Blahnik Shoe Repair

Manolo Blahnik Shoe Repair

Manolo Blahnik shoe repair is demonstrated in this video. Two pairs of Manalo Blahniks receive new leather half-soles and heels. The process is to dissassemble the sole and sand it. Next, the sole and leather pattern are glued and set to dry for 15 minutes. Next the leather half-sole is applied to the sole of the shoe. The soles then are treated to a thorough sanding with a high grit sanding belt and then finished with a fine grit numkeg. The polish is applied as the finish and can be purchased directly through the Amazon shopping cart located on my website.

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Teri Edmonds and Video Joe Knows:  Episode 1 – Makeover Surprise Visit

Teri Edmonds and Video Joe Knows: Episode 1 – Makeover Surprise Visit

Teri and Joe set out to give a makeover to her shoe workshop, turning it into a functioning YouTube design studio. In this first episode, Joe pays Teri a surprise visit.

Video Joe offered to help give the workshop a makeover while creating a new shift for Video Joe. Video Joe is helping people make money by creating a business on You Tube. He has had much success with his YouTube channel, Video Joe Knows.

Teri is about to get a shop makeover with the help of Joe. Teri’s vlog is called the Secret Life of Shoes.

The Secret Life of Shoes is a series of videos about Teri and her journey in the world of shoes. Teri will offer “Do-It-Yourself” segments about how to repair and make shoes, as well as delve into the history of the shoe industry.

In order to speed the process of success, I have asked the already successful Video Joe Knows to help me. In this episode, Joe has arrived on Maui to pay me a surprise visit.