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The best shoe repair supplies to buy right here!

Cobbler/Shoemaker Teri Edmonds has 17 years of experience with shoes, shoemaking and shoe repair.  The cornerstone of her shoe repair experience was the commitment to using the best products the market has to offer.

Gluing Supplies: 

Shoe Polish:

Shoe Care:

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The following shoe repair products are listed by type of repair, i.e., gluing, stretching, mending and patching, as well as general shoe care and maintenance.  Visit our Tutorials link at the end of each to find out how to do the project like a professional from beginning to end.

There are so many different techniques used throughout the years, but the repair supplies have not changed much.  Shoe makers around the globe use a form of glue, sharp knives and stitching tools.  If you are an aspiring shoemaker, safety is of the utmost importance, so we recommend the use of gloves, protective eyewear, and respirators combined with good ventilation.

Shoemaking and shoe repair are part of the guided crafts and take years of experience to be able to identify the problem and an appropriate solution.  It is important to go easy on yourself and expectations as to the end result.  In some situations, shoe repair is its best when practiced over and over.  Much of the learning curve is accomplished through trial and error.  It is in this journey that you develop your own style and flare.

When providing the service of shoe repair, always look for a way to add value to the client.  Some of the best advice is to take your time and attempt to make the item look it did originally. Sometimes, you might want to do a little extra to surprise the client.  This behavior will help you develop a long-term, stable business.