Maui Fashion Bloggers revealed: 14 in ’14

Maui Fashion Bloggers revealed: 14 in ’14

Fashion bloggers are the topic featured for this issue of Maui Time. Maui Time is the only news source that covers fashion design for the County of Maui.   Columnist Jen Russo presents the fashion issue each September in honor of fashion week. Jen has always embraced the concept of supporting local initiatives and so this years’ concept was about Maui Fashion bloggers.  Tiffany Chou, Geri Emata, myself and 11 others were recognized in this issue.

I took up writing my blog Secret Life of Shoes as a way to organize my thoughts and material for my book, Tales of A ShuGuru. So many experiences to share from the last 15 years that are too funny or ironic not to be shared. It is the natural course of my career in the shoe world to blog and it was an honor to make the short list. Thanks, Jen!

Sole survivor:  Teri Edmonds is out to heel the world

Sole survivor: Teri Edmonds is out to heel the world

Sole Survivor. This article was published in 2010. It is one of my favorites. I remember the day it was published. The sun was rising and my boyfriend and I had just driven down the slopes of Haleakala crater after watching the stars all night. On the way home, we stopped for coffee and breakfast at a little local restaurant and grabbed the Sunday paper. There was the one and a half page article about me and the store in it. The article was colorful and fun and included pictures from the shoe contest I held. I was pretty happy at that moment and probably won’t ever forget it.–Wailuku-business-owner-Teri-Edmonds-is-out-to-heel-the-world.html?nav=15