Installing Rivets, Eyelets, Snaps and Stamps  #athome

Installing Rivets, Eyelets, Snaps and Stamps #athome

Installing Rivets, Eyelets, Snaps and Stamps

#at home

Tandy Leather Factory and designer Teri Edmonds have teamed up to bring you this helpful video demonstrating two great ways to install rivets, eyelets snaps and stamps using the Craftool® Pro Hand press and hand tools.  All of the products seen here are listed below and are available on the website.  I also have included a link to my Amazon Shopping cart for additional crafting supplies.  When you by from my Amazon cart I receive a small percentage so thank you for supporting me so I can keep making more content for you!


3960-00 Craftool® Pro Hand Press –

This hand press is simple to install and simple to use.  It comes packed in a compact box and is heavy-duty.  It can be permanently on a desktop or workbench or it can be more portable using a C-clamp or two.  The long handle makes light work of of your project and is easy on the wrists.  This video shows 5 different types of hardware but the Craftool® Pro has so many more uses.  A person could collect a wide array of dies including alphabet stamps and round spot rivets.  The Craftool® Pro hand press is accurate and precise every time if used properly.

  • Attachments and parts for the Craftool® Pro Hand Press –
  • 3984-00Decorative rivets and Burrs Press Die and 11277-37 Aluminum Decorative Rivets and Burrs
  • 3994-00 Multi-Purpose snaps press die and 3996-00 Line 24 Snaps
  • 3997-00 Rivet Die and 3997-01 Wide Double Cap rivets press die
  • 3992-00 Eyelets Press Die and 1286-12 Eyelets
  • 3961-01 Craftool® Press Die Stamp Set and 3961-02 Craftool® Alphabet Stamp Holder

Hand Tools –

This video demonstrates how to use a variety of hand tools. The hardware supplies are listed above and the hand tool listed below.  The tools can be purchased separately but Tandy also offers a Craftool® Pro Workshop Kit that has these parts and many more to complete a workshop.

  • 8094-00 Eyelet Setter with Anvil
  • 8108-10 Snap-All Setter Set
  • 3300-04 Rawhide Mallet
  • 8190-01 Craftool MiniHefty Handle
  • 8131-00 3/4″ Craftool® Standard Alphabet Stamp Sets

Workshop Essentials

I have been a cobbler for a very long time.  I repair everything from shoes to belts, bags and even saddles and bridals.  I make custom goods as well as repair items for others.  My workshop is extensive.  I have several work benches and stations.  I have used old-school tools as well as modern, time-saving tools.  As a busy professional, I am always looking for ways to do what I do faster and safer on my hands and wrists.  In this video I demonstrate the difference between hand tools and the more modern Craftool® Pro.