Insoles are a regular repair for cobbler Teri Edmonds. This slideshow presents a quick review of some projects. Insoles can change the look and comfort of a shoe. A leather insole is preferable to synthestic insole because it lasts longer. The soft leather insoles (called socklinings) are easiest to skive (thin with a razor knife), which is done for the seam under the toes so it can’t be felt. It is fun to use colorful insoles, but black, brown, beige and white insoles are the easiest to find.

Arch supports and other inserts can also be added to an insole. The last few pictures in the photo gallery show a large arch that was added under the soft leather socklining. Frequently, a soft pad is added to the underside of the insole to make it padded. The pad extends withing a quarter inch of the insole and then it is all glued to the shoe.