Hawaii Woman Magazine - The Year of the Hawaii Woman

This article written by Hawaii Woman magazine is probably one of my favorites because of the design layout and the half-day photo shoot it entailed.  The story highlights the business lives of five female entrepreneurs from Maui.  My personal favorite is the photo taken of us gals in our full length white gowns crossing Main and Market Street, similar to the Beatles from the White album.  This was super fun!

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Hawaii Women, 2002 A

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Hawaii Women 2002, B

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Hawaii Women 2002C

Maui Time Weekly-2014 Wedding Issue

In this wedding issue of the Maui Time Weekly, the topic is had-crafted shoes, specifically, mine.  This was released at the same time I was a contributing writer for the wedding app, Hitched on Maui.  I designed three custom sandals for this photoshoot using plum colors. Full Article: Feb. 20, 2014 Maui Time Weekly

The Maui News - If The Shoe Fits You Probably Got it in Wailuku

This article about If The Shoe Fits providing specialty footwear was the first in-depth story of the original search for the perfect shoe.  Staff writer, Harry Eager, really captured the moment that was to change the course of my business and finding my purpose as a designer Full article: Maui News – 2001

Maui Time Weekly

The Best place for Paris Hilton to buy shoes is If The Shoe Fits, Maui, according to the Maui Time Weekly!  My friend had this enlarged to a 3′ x 4′ poster and it hangs in my workshop. Full Article: July, 2007a Maui Time Weekly Certificate: Jul, 2007 Maui Time Weekly

Hawaii Business News - Adaptive Lessons

If The Shoe Fits was highlighted in this article about the changes a business goes through and how, as an entrepreneur, one figures their way through those changes.  The economic jolt of September 11, 2001 tested my commitment to always finding a way to stay in business.  This short story touches on those challenges. Full Article: Nov. 2010 Hawaii Business News

Maui Time Weekly - The Fashion Issue

This fashion issue of the Maui Time Weekly was “stepping into the world of women’s shoes.”  Author Jen Russo thoroughly detailed the specifications of my Hot Biskit designs.  She included content such as the original sketches of customers feet, to highlight the discrepancy of the shoe industry.  It ended up as a 3 page article. Full Article: April 19, 2007 Maui Time April 19, 2007b Maui Time April 19 2007c Maui Time  

The Maui News - Sole Survivor

“Wailuku business owner Teri Edmonds is out to heel the world…Sole survivor.”  Wow!  This 2 page article in the Maui News was wonderful!  The colorful graphics and multiple color photos made this Sunday edition of the paper sensational!  When I first saw it, I had just arrived to the town of Paia to have coffee.  My friend and I had been camping and it was only about 7am.  I opened the colorful pages and I was aghast at the enormity of it!  What a great memory and great article.  I really owe the thoughtfulness to the writer. Full Article: June 20, 2010b Maui News

The Maui News - Donation to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Maui

“FILLING BIG SHOES” opens this article about the funds raised in a joint project with BBBS of Maui.  This stand-alone project raised $8,500 and was the beginning of a longstanding partnership. Full Article: April 2, 2007 Maui News

Hawaii Business - That Old Feeling

Hawaii Business did this article on Wailuku when it was in it’s infancy stages of re-gentrification and beautification.  A handful of entrepreneurs risked what they had because they had a mutual appreciation for how much potential the town held. Full Article: April, 2003 Hawaii Business News

The Maui News - Shop Wailuku for the Holidays, 2001

This is one of the first newspaper articles about me and my shoe store, If The Shoe Fits. Full article: 01-12-02-01 Maui Time  

The Maui News - Street Festival brings business to Wailuku

This article touches on the success of the street festivals in Wailuku and their impact on the local small businesses.  This “Year of the Horse” festival was successful for If The Shoe Fits, Maui, as mentioned in this article.  Our shop has been a major supporter of the grassroots efforts to revitalize Wailuku. Full article: Feb. 10, 2002

Maui Time Weekly - 2012 Fashion Issue

This Fashion Issue of the Maui Time Weekly was during a time when I had been working with donated hides of Zebra and collaborating with other artists to create the 2012 Hot Biskit Fall season.  Wedges made of mango bottoms, and decorated with art by Lanakila Keliher. This article was published the day after a break-up.  We celebrated with cocktails, cialis precio, and there was my ex.  We never talked, but the next day he texted that it was a nice article.  Thanks, author Jen Russo, for a little boost in life! Full Article: Feb. 23, 2012 Maui Time Weekly

The Maui News - Holidays in Wailuku

The Maui News - For Expert Shoe advice, ship into If The Shoe Fits

The article about If The Shoe Fits was the first of Maui News to publish my ownership of the only shoe repair on the island.  It really details the type of service we provide and our intention in operating this specialty business, especially helping people with specialty footwear needs. Full Article: Dec. 5, 2012 Maui News

The Maui News - Shoes a good fit for artist, designer

A man walking through my store one day, said he was with the Maui News, and would I let him take some pictures and maybe do an article.  “Well, sure!”  Next thing I know, we made the cover and also the cover of the Maui News mailer with the coupons, on the cover as well! Full Article:  

The Maui News - Shoes Get Second Life