“Tiffany” blue is the color used in this video to dye custom ordered wedding shoes.  “Tiffany” blue is actually more of a seafoam green and is the infamous packaging color of Tiffany & Co.  Shoe cobbler, Teri Edmonds, demonstrates the application of this custom dye to a satin shoe.  The shoes used are called the Emmy, and are from the brand, Touch Ups.  The color is custom mixed using a combination of blue formulas, sampled, and allowed to dry.  The dye is applied with a wool or cotton dauber starting with the back of the heels.  This video demonstrates the application process of dying, from beginning to end.  Teri Edmonds can be reached at TeriEdmonds.com.  The supplies and shoes as well as a complete list of services can also be found at TeriEdmonds.com.

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