Custom Shoes for Hard-To-Fit feet!

In this video, you will see four basic custom sandal designs that Teri has developed over the years and that have proven to be successful and put a smile on your face. In this video, shoe designer Teri Edmonds will show the four different sandals that are the most popular and some of the different color options available.

Custom shoe overview:

Custom shoes can be the answer for all people suffering from hard-to-fit feet.  Shoe designer Teri Edmonds has been designing shoes since 2001.  Since this time, Teri has helped thousands of people with large feet find comfortable, fashionable footwear.  The most common problem Teri has run into has been customers with big feet.  Many of her customers are women who wear size 13-16.  These sizes for women are very difficult to find, especially in a cute an comfortable style. 

Four basic sandal styles:

The four custom sandals presented in this video are the High Breeze, Low Breeze, Neptune and the beachcomber.  These custom shoes can be made ANY size and ANY shape.  The client picks the color of the leather and base as well as the finish decoration.  Most of these shoes are made with orthopedic crepe which is very soft.  Some clients prefer to have leather incorporated in the base of the shoes as well.  The choice is completely up to the client.  The prices start at $75 for basic Beachcomber and go as high as $350 for the Neptune, depending on how many special modifications are required.




Hand Crafted Moccasins, Made-to-Order by Teri.