Top 5 Danner Boots – with Teri Edmonds

Top 5 Danner Boots – with Teri Edmonds

The Top 5 Danner Boots

The top 5 Danner boot choices from Teri are the 1) Crafter Romeo office/field boot, 2) the Quarry workboot, 3) the Lookout side-zip, 4) the Crafter Wellington and 5) the Highground.  

Shoemaker and cobbler,  Teri Edmonds, sells specialty footwear at her shop, If The Shoe Fits, Maui, as well as providing a full service shoe repair. Find the suggested products using the links below:   

Danner boots are mostly available in medium and wide sizes.  If you have any width in your foot, try the EE first.  

The boots listed in the top 5, only the Quarry is re-craftable.  The four other pairs can be glued and stitching can be repaired.  Most of Danner products are waterproof and are available with a Gortex lining.  

Many of the Danner workbooks are available with or without a safety toe.

The Danner Romeo makes for a great field boot or great for the office and traveling.  The Romeo makes a handsome boot for dress/casual wear.  

The Crafter Wellington is a slip-on boot.  It runs generous in the footbed.  The ease of the slip-on is enticing to men too busy to deal with laces.  

The Quarry is made in Oregon and is a sturdy, re-craftable boot that is available in 3 different colors, with or without steel toe.  It is priced moderately at $250 and above.  The Lookout is great for Police, EMS and makes for a great motorcycle boot.  It is light-weight and priced at $159.  

The Highground is an 8″ boot available in 3 different patterns.  The boot has a lower instep than the Pronghorn and is comfortable yet sturdy on rugged terrain.

The Danner boots are guaranteed  up to 1 year for hunting and outdoors.  The workbooks are guaranteed up to 6 months.  

It is best to find a local retailer near you for the best fit and service.  Supporting local is just a good thing to do.