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Stretching Shoes – 5 Tips How To Do It at Home

Stretching Shoes – 5 Tips How To Do It at Home

Stretching shoes is so easy to do that you can even do it at home!  The following shoe stretching items make the job easy.  The tutorial video included below with walk you through each step.

5 tips to Stretching your own shoes at home:

  1.  Water, ziploc bag and freezer method – using a small ziploc bag, add water and close the bag tightly.  Fit the Ziploc bag into the shoe where you are intending to stretch it.  Once firmly in place, put the shoe in the freezer overnight.  The water will expand as it freezes which will stretch the shoe.  This method is simple and will create a gentle stretch.  This technique is not recommended for genuine leather goods.
  2. Blowdryer/Heat gun method – This technique looks simple and yes, sometimes it is simple.  It works best on synthetic shoes because the plastic warms up and can be manipulated.  This technique should only be used if you feel confident in your application.  Using the heat source of your choice, warm the shoe gently by keeping the heat source at least 12 inches away.  Check the material as you go so that it doesn’t melt or over-stretch.
  3. Shoe stretcher method – Using a stretcher is my favorite process.  It is very easy to do.  Shoe stretchers come in various sizes and styles.  There are some that stretch just the width and some stretch width and length at the same time.  My favorite stretchers are wood and have an iron, or metal, handle.  Most of the shoe stretchers come with attachments to treat the shoe in areas that are the most sore, such as bunyons.
  4. Have shoes professionally stretched – It is helpful to pay a professional to stretch your shoes if you have really troubled foot issues.  A professional can help with bunyons, hammer toes and instep stretching.
  5. Maintain ideal shoe shape – Once you have stretched the shoe to your liking, add a cedar shoe tree to keep the shape of the shoe.