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Make Money with YouTube – Teri Edmonds Tells How

Make Money with YouTube – Teri Edmonds Tells How

Make Money with YouTube

YouTube is a great way to make money. 
In This video, YouTuber Teri tells the Why and How of using YouTube as a source of revenue.  Hosted by Maui Economic Development Board at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center, the 3rd annual Hawaii Small Business Conference was the place to learn about using video marketing. 

Jules Kremer of Google, Mike Powers of YouTube and YouTuber Edmonds discussed the accessibility of these free tools to the person looking to improve their business.

Self-Made Video MUST HAVEs:




We hear people call you The Shoe Lady.  Tell us about your business If The Shoe Fits:

I’m a cobbler, an artist, a fashion designer and an entrepreneur; my passion is being an artist.  I opened the If The Shoe Fits store in 2001 and bought Maui’s only shoe repair in 2008. 

Amongst the designs I carried, there was a small selection for drag queens.  It is this that made me famous for helping women with big feet.  I have learned to make custom designs for my clients and it is how I express my creativity.  I taught shoe making classes on the weekends to bring in extra money, but now I use that content to supply my YouTube Channel.

Why did you get started in video marketing and specifically YouTube?

I’ve always wanted my own show, specifically a “Cooking Show” for shoes concept.  I’m inspired by Julia Child and her bold independence.  The value she brought to her audience allowed her to succeed as she aged.  When I looked into video marketing on YouTube, I saw others making money at it.  The platform is free and gives me 100%control of my content.  It has become free advertising for my store and custom designs.

How did you get started with YouTube?

I collaborated with other YouTubers.  I first collaborated with Video Joe when he made a series of videos showing the workshop makeover of my cobbler studio. I saw Video Joe making money with his channel and it inspired me.   I also collaborated with producer David Whitney on Mad Libs, The Secret Life of Shoes and a podcast called Yapping with Teri and Dave.  I study other successful YouTubers like Think Media to learn better production skills, lighting, storyboarding and editing.  My favorite studio equipment are my IPhone and the Ring Light.  I also use the free editing software from Mac called IMovie.  

What impact has YouTube had on your business?

YouTube has given my exposure both professionally and as an artist, locally and internationally.  Sales have increased in shoe repair and custom designs.  I have people sending me shoe repair from across the country because they see my videos.  YouTube and affiliate marketing give me the opportunity to create passive, repeatable revenue with a single investment of time.  I essentially make money while I sleep. I have created over 160 videos.  The top 10 videos have acquired over a million views and my goal is to generate $2,000-$4,000 monthly revenue from YouTube  

Maui Fashion Bloggers revealed: 14 in ’14

Maui Fashion Bloggers revealed: 14 in ’14

Fashion bloggers are the topic featured for this issue of Maui Time. Maui Time is the only news source that covers fashion design for the County of Maui.   Columnist Jen Russo presents the fashion issue each September in honor of fashion week. Jen has always embraced the concept of supporting local initiatives and so this years’ concept was about Maui Fashion bloggers.  Tiffany Chou, Geri Emata, myself and 11 others were recognized in this issue.

I took up writing my blog Secret Life of Shoes as a way to organize my thoughts and material for my book, Tales of A ShuGuru. So many experiences to share from the last 15 years that are too funny or ironic not to be shared. It is the natural course of my career in the shoe world to blog and it was an honor to make the short list. Thanks, Jen!

Sole survivor:  Teri Edmonds is out to heel the world

Sole survivor: Teri Edmonds is out to heel the world

Sole Survivor. This article was published in 2010. It is one of my favorites. I remember the day it was published. The sun was rising and my boyfriend and I had just driven down the slopes of Haleakala crater after watching the stars all night. On the way home, we stopped for coffee and breakfast at a little local restaurant and grabbed the Sunday paper. There was the one and a half page article about me and the store in it. The article was colorful and fun and included pictures from the shoe contest I held. I was pretty happy at that moment and probably won’t ever forget it.–Wailuku-business-owner-Teri-Edmonds-is-out-to-heel-the-world.html?nav=15

Episode 1: DIY Curtains –

Episode 1: DIY Curtains –

Episode 1 of Maui Artisans is about making curtains for the blogging studio. This preliminary video is the first of many. Lighting and sound were tested for future episodes. Future topics will follow Jen and Teri as they make things, critique food and wine and blog about it. Visit and subscribe to the channel to follow Jen and Teri and their adventures of “making” things.

Follow the link below to catch all of the action:

MauiTime Exclusive Fashion Interview with Teri Edmonds of If The Shoe Fits

MauiTime Exclusive Fashion Interview with Teri Edmonds of If The Shoe Fits

Maui Time Thumbnail


Interviewing with Fashion Editor and designer Jen Russo of Maui Time Magazine is always a treat. It gives me a chance to talk about my take on fashion trends for the year, talk about what my own design trend will be, and I get to play with more shoes. In this issue, I designed 6 different styles. These styles included a moccasin, two leather sandals with rhinestones and a custom dyed satin shoe, also adorned with the bling of rhinestones.

My absolute favorite of all the layouts in this 2013 fashion issue was taken by Sean Hower. Jen Russo paired the shoes with a darling striped satin Jacket with a leggy model.