High Heels are desirable to many women and also can be painful.  In this video you will find the best tools and tips to make high heels as comfortable as possible.  This video will help with high heels that are too big, too small, slippery on the sole, smelly, or just painful in regions in the foot.  Shoe designer and cobbler Teri Edmonds has been specializing in high heels for 18 years and knows all the high heel hacks that work.

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High Heel Hack #1 – Buy Shoes That Fit

Feet are at their largest at the end of the day.  Shop in the afternoon and skip on the shoe that really doesn’t fit.

High Heel Hack #2- Tight Shoes

The best way to stretch shoes is to use a shoe stretcher.  If you find it necessary to stretch your heels frequently than owning your own shoe stretcher is a great solution.  A professional cobbler will also have a large variety of tools to assist in the more complicated stretches and shouldn’t cost more than $20.

High Heel Hack #3 – Loose Shoes

Loose Shoes are tricky to fix.  The best solution in the current market are Tip Toes by Footpetals.  They are meant for the DIY client and are easy to install under the ball of the foot inside the shoe.  All Footpetal products come with an adhesive backing that sticks well to shoes.

High Heel Hack #4 – Slippery Soles

Non-slip soling material can be added to the bottom of shoes to prevent slipping.  A professional cobbler will add a non-slip half-sole that fits the entire surface of the front sole of the shoe.  This is the recommended method if the shoe has a thin sole or is worth protecting.  An over-the-counter version is available from the link above or from your local cobbler. It is a peel and stick version that covers the general surface of the front half sole.

High Heel Hack #5 – Walking on Grass

Sole Mates is a wide heel protector that slips over the base of a high heel.  It slides on, needing no extra glue.  They are available in Narrow, Classic and Wide

High Heel Hack #6 – Smelly Shoes

Hydrogen Peroxide is an all-natural shoe cleaner and will help keep smelly shoe odors at bay. Apply the peroxide with a rag or cotton ball and allow the shoe to dry.  To add an additional layer of protection, use a shoe deodorizer, also available from our Amazon link above.

High Heel Hack #7 – Alleviating Pain

Well fitting shoes and a proper pedicure are the top two steps to alleviating pain.  Footwear companies such as Footpetals and Soul Mates offer comfort pads and accessories to relieve a majority of the daily “rubs.”