How to Dye Shoes (Fabric) Using Two Colors

How to Dye Shoes (Fabric) Using Two Colors

How to Dye Shoes Two Colors

Supplies needed:


This tutorial will show how to dye shoes two colors.  A white dyeable fabric wedding shoe will be made over to match a dress.  The theme of the garment is ivory with black polka dots as the top and a black base.  The shoe will be dyed ivory and black and will be dressed with black Hot Fix Swarovski rhinestones.


Step 1 – Dye base ivory color and let dry completely overnight.  Using the wool dauber, apply the ivory dye in a consistent motion until the entire shoe is covered in dye.  Let the pair of shoes stand approximately 24 hours before applying the black dye.

Step 2 – Dye trim black.  Three main tools to use are  Q-tips, a small wool dauber and a small xPassion paint brush.  Holding the shoe upside down, first apply black dye with a small Q-tip.  The edge where color 1 and color 2 meet is the place to be most diligent.  Dye has a tendency to bleed so practice with a sample material to see how much and how far.  Use this information to determine how far from the edge your instrument should be.

Next, using the small wool dauber, apply a small amount of black to fill in the rest of the material to be dyed.  Take care to apply the dye minimally with the dauber to avoid over wetting the material.

Finally, let shoes dry for a few hours.  Overnight is best to ensure a completely dry shoe.

Step 3 – Apply Hot Fix Swarovski rhinestones.  Pre-heat rhinestone applicator.  Press applicator over the top of a rhinestone and wait until the glue melts.  Then place the rhinestone in the desired spot.  Remove applicator.  It is helpful to think through a rhinestone patter before applying the rhinestones to create a clean, consistent pattern.


How to repair Birkenstocks

How to repair Birkenstocks

Birkenstock shoe repair made easy!

In this video you will see the four steps used to restore a Birkenstock.  The four steps include disassembly, sole preparation, glue/assembly and finishing work (luxury shine and condition).

Supplies needed:

Step 1 – Disassemble:

The first step in disassembly, is to remove the sole.  This can be easy or very hard.  A set of nippers is the best tool to use.  Grab a piece of the Birkenstock soling material and pull apart.  If the sole does not come off easily, use a little bit of thinner on the seam between the rubber and the cork.  A flathead screwdriver is also helpful when separating the materials.

Step 2 – Sole Preparation:

Sole preparation includes building up the cork foot bed anywhere that the cork has been worn off.  Using pieces of cork sheeting, glue individual layers with contact cement onto the worn areas.  It is important to let the glue dry 10-15 minutes for each layer.  This will ensure adhesion.  When the layers are thick enough, use a razor knife to trim excess cork around the sides.  Finally, use a heavy-grit sand paper to even the cork to allow for the sole to lie flat.

Step 3 – Glue Soles/Assembly

Gluing the soles also includes gluing the straps to the sides of the cork footbed.  Unbuckle the straps first and apply the glue to the same place it was glued before.  This may seem obvious but it is trickier than most expect.  Take your time.  Wait 15 minutes for the glue to set up before pushing the straps together.

Once the straps are finished, apply glue to the sole and to the cork bottom.  Apply the glue with even strokes and make sure to cover each surface completely to avoid touching up the glue later, it is more difficult.  Wait 20 minutes for the glue to dry.  Apply the sole to the cork footbed and make sure all edges have touched and that you have a good seal.

Step 4 – Finish/Polish

Using a soft rag and Cadillac Boot and Shoe care, apply a thin layer of conditioner and let sit for 5 minutes.  Next, apply shoe cream to all leather surfaces.  After the shoe cream, apply a thin layer of Lincoln Stain Wax.  Finally, buff the leather with a brush or terrycloth towel to remove excess wax and bring out the luster in the leather.

The last step in the finish work is to add Cork Renew to the exposed cork and let dry for 20 minutes.


Congratulations!  You have repaired your Birkenstock!