The “Just-For-You” Custom Shoe

The “Just-For-You” Custom Shoe

The “Just-For-You” Custom Shoe

The “Just-For-You” shoe sandals are so named because they are 100% custom.

The client selects the uppers, soles, colors, and modifications.

This video is a small collection of some of the custom sandals I made over the last year.

If The Shoe Fits

Maui, Hawaii

250 Alamaha St.,  unit N-7
Kahului, HI 96732
( next to Goodwill )

(808) 249-9710

Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Friday:  10am - 5pm

(Closed for lunch, 1 - 2pm)

Saturday:  10am - 12pm


If The Shoe Fits
Sole survivor:  Teri Edmonds is out to heel the world

Sole survivor: Teri Edmonds is out to heel the world

Sole Survivor. This article was published in 2010. It is one of my favorites. I remember the day it was published. The sun was rising and my boyfriend and I had just driven down the slopes of Haleakala crater after watching the stars all night. On the way home, we stopped for coffee and breakfast at a little local restaurant and grabbed the Sunday paper. There was the one and a half page article about me and the store in it. The article was colorful and fun and included pictures from the shoe contest I held. I was pretty happy at that moment and probably won’t ever forget it.–Wailuku-business-owner-Teri-Edmonds-is-out-to-heel-the-world.html?nav=15